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% of republicans either believe president obama was not born in the u.s. or are not sure. however, ann coulter, even ann coulter has called the birthers, quote, cranks, and if an editorial in the national review calls birthers' claims foolishness. we will talk with the attorney behind the birther movement shortly. we're hoping to get her to the microphone and in front, david, to be able to talk with her. in the meantime, we're also talking about the obama administration and they're reportedly looking at prisons within the united states to relocate some of the terror suspects. joining us from capitol hill is kansas republican senator pat roberts. with he know you're here to discuss this, and we want to talk about these 229 terror suspects and whether they will end up in prison in the united states, but i want to get your reaction quickly to talk that these birthers are hurting the republican party. what's your reaction to this birth movement and i guess the fascination, not just the media, but people in general are having about the folks who choose to deny that barack obama with proof was born
, or are they hardworking honest americans like you worried about their country? ann coulter weighs in. also, cash for clunkers, is it still stalling? we will show you some of the biggest issues the program is facing and glenn learns the problems with socialized medicine from a brittish lawmaker. if you believe this country is great but you fear the government more than the sun, stand up, and come with me. i'm back. congress is working to promote the massive health reform but it's not very popular many take a look at some of the latest uproars at town halls across the country. >> we won't budge! >> this is unamerican. look at what this has turned into. i don't think the senators are going to be able to do it. i'm scared! >> we have to make judgments very fast. >> no! >> this is about our fundamental constitution and rights. i realize that the politicians we have been electing have been taking that dream away faster than i can get my hands on it. as for president obama, he is just for huge expansion and we're realizing what madison said, which is anything that's worthwhile is not free. >> here to w
what madison said, which is anything that's worthwhile is not free. >> here to weigh in is ann coulter, author of the best-selling book "guilty," and steve moore, senior economic writer for "the wall street journal", and the head of the policy studies at the cato institute. i'm listening to these sound bytes of people who are passionate. they're angry. what do they want to know? do they want to know if these people are reading the bills before they sign them, or do they want to know whether or not they're going to be able to afford this? what is it they're complaining about? >> well, i'm once again so impressed and proud of the american people. they understand the constitution and capitalism better than most elected representatives do, including republicans, and what they're complaining about is totally consistent with polls on the subject. i think most people are happy with their healthcare. b, only about one to 4% of americans don't like their healthcare and want nationalized healthcare. they have to fiddle with the polls to get the results differently, that is to say, present them.
eyebrows in yea. an ann coulter on our american panel. we've seen a lot of outrageous behavior from politicians at town halls this week. but this morning, texas representative sheila jackson lee took the disrespect to a new level, making a cell phone call while a cancer survivor asked a question. in this video, you can sele raising the phone to her ear and lowering it back down again. i think blatant disregard like that is a first, it didn't go unnoticed. take a look at how people in the audience reacted, this video has been circulating on youtube all day. >> [beep] >> seriously. really? come on. >> it's ok. >> if our conscience allow, congress' conscience allows them to -- do you think that -- sean: the congresswoman said she merely dialed president obama's health care hotline to get an answer for her constituents that sounds like she came really prepared. joining me to discuss all of this is author of "the culture of corruption" are which remains number one on "the new york times" list, michelle malkin is back with us. i don't know what's wrong, saying people are un-american, sayi
and columnist ann coulter during a speech to the young america's foundation. this last about one hour and 15 minutes. >> boy, do we have a and now for you. we have ann coulter. first off, i like to welcome our viewers from c-span and a live web spain. i'm an intern with young america's foundation. young america's foundation is the premier organization that educates students on the principle of limited government, individual liberty, a strong national defense, and traditional values. for more information, please call our telephone number. or visit our web site. what did barack obama and ann coulter have in common? [laughter] nothing, thank god. [applause] ann coulter is now the author of seven "new york times was " a best-selling books, and i am sure there will be many more to come. she graduated with honors from cornell university, and no, mr. alderman, not the same school you attended. [applause] she then went on to practice law in new york city and even work for the senate judiciary committee. the conservative movement is so lucky that have an intelligent, articulate, and not to mention ex
. these are phony claims meant to divide us. >> ann coulter, do you be grudge the president the first vacation of his administration? >> well, it's not exactly george bush clearing brush in crawford or ronald reagan chopping wood at the crawford ranch or the reagan ranch. these democrats are elitists the party of wall street. martha's vineyard and countrywide loans? it's no wonder americans are particularly concerned about a universal government healthcare program run by these people. you don't pay their taxes you have all of the taxi vaiders in the cabinet you have the sweet geel -- deals for>> wait a second, ann. you want them to go bowling or skeet shooting, what? >> i am giving you a litany of things that show that the democrats never expect the rules to apply to them. you have all of murtha and family members doing sweet deals on -- >> they have democratic faults. >> they are elitists. >> i see a lot of -- >> presidents end up at martha's vineyar vineyard -- >> makes him a real man and barack obama a pansy? >> an elitist they are pretending they are a party of the common man they are the
, the long awaited ann coulter/kiersten powers in 1977, an 8-year-old boy picked up the game of golf from his father. the odds of that same boy then making it to the u.s. and european pro-golf tours? 1 in 7 million. the odds of the "big easy" winning the u.s. open once twice? 1 in 1.2 billion. the odds of him having a child diagnosed with autism? 1 in 150. ernie els encourages you to learn the signs at autismspeaks.org. >>> one of the reasons that people are so to hysterical at the healthcare town hall meetings and they've been stirred up like they have, that he have no chance to beat healthcare this time unless they mortify with the rigged fears from moderate and conservative democrats. why do they know that? they don't have a filibuster this time. >> geraldo: ann coulter what say you? he says only by mortifying people, scaring people can the republican succeed defeating healthcare. >> the democrats never do that. global warming and the earth will end tomorrow. beginning of the show you said the swastika was painted on david scott sign by right winger. every swastika case in the last decade
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and columnist ann coulter. we will also have a look at the latest unemployment numbers. tomorrow, we have a look at unemployment numbers with rex nutting. also, we have a look at legislation that will give the federal government control over student loans. our guest will be william shaffner. a little bit later, there will be a discussion about the resignation of senator mel martinez. washington journal is live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. yesterday, the full senate confirmed judge sonia sotomayor. this saturday on c-span, which highlights from the senate floor debate. -- watch highlights from the senate floor debate. this fall, and to the home of america's highest court. the phenomenon of facebook, we have been ms. ben mezrich. >> hello, everyone. thank you for coming. 12 years ago, i offered myself as a candidate for public office in florida out of a deep sense of appreciation for the people of florida who supported me as a young immigrant. first, i had the privilege of being the mayor of orange county and then i was a member of the president's cabinet. now, i have had the honor of serving
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the trifecta following me and laura ingraham and ann coulter saying that people like me and i need to get out of the party. is this surprising? not really. malkin has the number one book on the "the new york times" bestseller hardcover nonfiction list but i have nearly twice as many twitter follower as she does. and trust me, twitter is more of an indication of where young people are than books published by the hyper conservative publisher rendergy. back in march, mccain used her blog to throw ann coulder on the carpet. subsequently, radio talk show host ingraham knee-capped the card for playing the moderate card, effectively calling her a fat valley girl. >> ann, do you think anyone would be talking to you if you are kind of cute and you weren't the daughter of john mccain? or do you think they would just think you're just another valley girl gone awry? okay, i was hoping i was going to get that role in "the real world." but then i realized that, well, they don't like plus-sized models. >> laura's doing that helium stuff again. joining us from washington, chris. good evening. >> good evening
institute ---www.ncicap.org--- >> welcome to the glenn beck program. i'm eric bolling. tonight, ann coulter on healthcare and the nuclear option and what that really means, and is the obama administration really drilling for oil off the coast of brazil and not here? and glenn talks with bill o'reilly. if you think this country is great but your liberty is being terrorizeed, stand up and follow me. eric: the healthcare debate is raging facing massive g.o.p. opposition. now, you hear people talk a lot about reconciliation and the nuclear option. when it comes to getting a bill passed, but beware of politicians speaking jargon. some of the words become more confusing. what does it really mean? joining me now is our guest, ann coulter, syndicated columnist and author of the best-selling book, "guilty." ann, thanks for coming on the program. we have been watching this interest r. thing go from, i don't know, a single-payer system to the government plan, the option, then to the co-ops, and now it comes to, hey, you know, this thing may be forced through with what we're calling a nuclear option. w
messages. let's bring in two masters of political messages to join us this morning. we have ann coulter, author of "guilty, liberal victims and their assault on america." and in washington, grrm contributor, democratic strategist, mr. james carville. thank you to your both. mr. carville, i will start with you. with what we see with these demonstrati demonstrations, is this proof that the president has lost control of this debate? that there's more to be upset about than be happy about? and he's spinning out of control? >> no. it's true, you have a lot of frustrated people in america. these people have lost two congressional elections in a row. they lost the presidential election. the stimulus is working. things are starting to turn around and get better. they lost the youth vote. they lost the hispanic vote. it's a psychological phenomenon that they're frustrated. and their leaders are frustrated. and talk radio is frustrated. and the congressional leadership is frustrated. we have to deal with this. it's better for them to be out there screang and yelling than doing other things. just
and columnist ann coulter shares her thoughts on the political landscape. it is from the young america's foundation. this runs just over an hour. >> hi, everyone. the boy, have we got a finale for you. who is excited for ann coulter? [applause] i am an intern with the young america's foundation. when america's foundation is the premier organization by educated students on the principles of limited government, individual liberty, a strong national defense and the traditional boundaries. for more information, please call 1-800-usa-1776 or visit our web site sitewww.yaf.org. what do barack obama and ann coulter have in common? nothing, thank god. [applause] ann coulter is now the author of seven best-selling books and i'm sure there will be many more to come. ms. calder is a connecticut native and graduated with honors from cornell university. and no, mr. olbermann, not the same school you attended. [applause] she then went on to practice law in new york city and even work for the senate judiciary committee. the conservative group is so lucky to have such an intelligent, articulate, and n
thing for people like ann coulter and others. so, this is why you're seeing a lot of i think visceral hatred towards you know, ms. mccain as well as any moderate who dare speak out and says the party should maybe move to the center or be more reasonable on some issues, like health care. >> is meghan mccain right? is there a democratic difference between republicans would tweet with her and people who buy a michelle malkin book? is this ultimately new media versus old media or something? >> there's a demographic difference i have no doubt between a younger audience that probably goes to twitter and the older audience or more conservative audience that buys malkin's books. but i actually think this has to do more of kind of an old, losing republican philosophy that some conservative, you know, right wing republicans just do not want to give up and another path that ms. mccain and others are advocating. and this is just indicative of the real internal struggle that is going on within the republican party, both in the shadows as well as in the public. and it just tells you why they're in
ann coulter of the national conservative student conference at george washington university. you can see her remarks live beginning at 8:15 p.m. eastern here on c-span. tomorrow, we have the scoring in a ceremony for judge sonia sotomayor. see it live tomorrow here on c- span. florida senator mel martinez held a news conference earlier this afternoon where he announced his intention to resign from the senate before his term ends in 2011. his remarks were about five minutes. >> hello, everyone. thank you for coming 12 years ago, i offered myself as a candidate for public office in florida out of a deep sense of appreciation -- of appreciation for the people of florida who supported me as a young immigrant. first, i had the privilege of being the mayor of orange county and then i was a member of the president's cabinet. now, i have had the honor of serving as the united states senator. i have gained a great respect for the people of florida and have enjoyed immensely serving their interests. i began my term as senator and promised that i would not simply war may seek appeared i promise
after another. laura: ann coal coulter challenges to find one hoax after another. caution you are about to enter the no spin. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- laura: hi, everyone, i'm laura ingraham reporting tonight for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us. coming up, there has been a lot of talk recently about teachable moments in the gates-crowley controversy. but, first, the entire health care debate with s. one big learning opportunity for the american people and the politicians who are supposed to be representing us. that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. when barack obama and the democrats swept into office in november, they did so on this nebulous promise of change and a desire to remake america. republicans were told by the elites on the right and the left, that they were on the verge of becoming a permanent minority party if they didn't moderate their views and, frankly, become more relevant. the country was moving, you z away from the old ideals of
or by teachers and you have one hoax after another. laura: ann coal coulter challenges to find one hoax after another. caution you are about to enter the no spin. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- laura: hi, everyone, i'm laura ingraham reporting tonight for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us. coming up, there has been a lot of talk recently about teachable moments in the gates-crowley controversy. but, first, the entire health care debate with s. one big learning opportunity for the american people and the politicians who are supposed to be representing us. that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. when barack obama and the democrats swept into office in november, they did so on this nebulous promise of change and a desire to remake america. republicans were told by the elites on the right and the left, that they were on the verge of becoming a permanent minority party if they didn't moderate their views and, frankly, become more relevant. the country was moving, you
mistake. >> john mccain is right torturing is wrong but to reopen the guts is a bad idea. ann coulter i have to tell you, people will be put off by what i am about to say. i believe with dick cheney another interview with chris wallace says the country is less safe under the democrats that's both creepy and i am to and i a. >> not compared to prosecuting the member members of the prio administration. that's what third world con res do after a coup to go after the former members of the earlier government. this is third world immaturity and juvenile. they are describing -- (talking over one another) >> under democrats when somebody blows something up buzz that -- >> let's get through -- >> two things. quickly, one is your fist point the idea this is torture -- you are correct on. the idea it is torture is ridiculous. these people were to learn torture from my brothers. the sound of a drill, claiming your family member would be killed. nobody gets hurt. we know for a fact the country was safe under george bush we know most of the information we got about al qaeda abroad and preventing att
rivera. ann coulter if you had to pick between a run away deficit on the one hand that will destroy any hope of economic recovery and paying a couple of bucks in new taxes on the other hand what would you choose? >> it's a false question because as reagan demonstrated the more you raise taxes on the rich, the less revenue you end up getting. what you want is tax revenue not simply to -- you just hate rich people and don't care wh if the deficit goes up and the economy will go into the crapper. when reagan cut taxes they explained it was reagan's tax cuts and often republicans respond by saying no it was congressional spending. it's more than that. you have to point out when reagan cut taxes tax revenues went up because people in the top 1 percent, 5 percent stop ed engaging in tax avoidanavoidanc. they stop avoiding investments that will be taxed. >> the way they did under bush 43? >> the way they did what? >> a lot of democrats engaged in gosh not only tax avoidance but tax evasion. >> and the republicans and the deficit and all of the rest of it is supply side economics really work du
, i repeat will not be required in the final bill. are you doing a victory dance ann coulter? >> i care more about the country than the victory. i think it's the greatest thing that happened to obama. s opposed to the powerful industry of the powerful ama of the powerful pharmaceutical industry all of which bought off by the white house. this is the american people's victory. what we ought to do now how about we deal with the problem. it's a problem that isn't that hard to solve. obama talks about how the problem we need consumer protection. you know what the best consumer protection in the universe is? ability to say i am tacking my business elsewhere. you can't do that because of government intervention on insurance companies. you want to screw the insurance companies make them compete. >> make them compete. i promise if you want to know what happens to a company that doesn't deal with wi well with s put in apple sucks on google you will get 17 million hits on all of the web sites. people complain they sta take t business to ibm takes their bess to bill gates away from jobs. if
. kind of ending on a down note. >> i have to do more research. let me welcome back our guest. ann coulter, author and sinned kateled columnist. and i entered her with reservations. i like that one, i like that one. >> who writes the other ones? >> viewers write a lot of them. jill dobson, fox news correspondent, she's so hot, the sun leaves death threats on her voice mail. and i would toss him in the kitchen. >> i feel like a pundit. keith oberman, that guy tells it like it is. >> it's considered the biggest advancement in news reporting since the battery powered pen. it is got news, it's got abs, and it's called abnews. now with diane a the leaders of the u.s. are finishing up at north american summit. swine flu and trade and immigration and enslaving the jonas brothers. president obama expects to see draft legislation for immigration by the end of the year, and i expect to see unicorns tonight when i sleep. general motors will sell vehicles on ebay. starting tuesday, ebay visitors looking for cars and trucks will be able to ask car dealers questions and 225 of california's 250gm
, just as throwing pies at people like ann coulter and william crystal takes away from their debate. >> people have been throwing pies at ann coulter? how did i miss that? >> you didn't know that ann coulter had a pie thrown at her? >> no, i didn't. i must have been in the area yesterday when that happened. that's kind of funny. but death panels, larry? >> we can agree on one thing. >> as long as it was a cream pie and nobody got hurt, you know. >> well, larry, thanks for joining us this morning. we've got to go, guys, i'm sorry. but it was a great debate. thanks to both of you. and as always, we want to know what you think -- >> see you outside, ron. >> uh-oh, good thing you guys are on remote. he's far, far away. don't worry. >>> the town hall protests and anything else on your mind, weigh in on our show blog at cnn.com/amfix. >>> john padesta was with president clinton last week and now he's talking about the dangers of climate change. we'll speak to him about both coming up. e, what are we waiting for? the flowers are blooming. the air is sweet. and zyrtec® starts... relieving
interview author this week political commentator ann coulter argues how liberals purposely cast themselves as victims in "guilty: liberal victims and their assault on america." ms. coulter contends the left engage in political bully while maintaining that they are oppressed. ann coulter discusses her new book and presents her thoughts on the current political and social climate with michelle easton, president of the clare boothe luce policy institute. >> host: im michelle easton, president of the clare boothe luce policy institute in virginia here to interview ann coulter on her new book, "guilty," for c-span's "after words." how are you doing, ann? >> guest: great to be here. >> host: great to be with you also. you have written five other best-selling books -- >> guest: six. >> host: six. why did you write "guilty"? >> guest: there was a little voice in my head saying when is the next book coming -- wait, no, that was like publisher. it was just something i've noticed for along time how liberals use the idea of victimhood to get ahead to shut down debate, a disadvantage, and it's sort of
limbaugh or anne coulter or michelle malkin. he is a united states senator. there should be certain things he does not do or say. >> do we assume in both of these cases somebody got to them both in isakson's case and in grassley's and said if do you not repudiate what you seem to have said yesterday this good behavior, this societally cognizant willingness to compromise, if you don't do that we'll never contribute to you again? >> well, remember. senator grassley has received over $2 million from the drug and health insurance industry since 2003. but equally troubling, keith, is the fact that senator bachus has received $1.5 million just in the last two years so there are people who can really do everything they can and use fear to undermine reform. that's why we haven't had reform for so many years. >> could there be a silver lining in this, arianna? with the senator embracing supposedly the good senator among the republicans embracing the death panel nonsense could that be a tipping point in terms of freeing democrats from this nonsense waste of time, you can't talk sense to a stone, fal
the trifecta of extreme female conservative pundits followed laura ingraham and ann coulter who believe that i, and republicans like me need to shut up and get out of the party. if they think they can bully me into giving up this fight, they are going to be severely disappointed. mo is the former spokesperson for hillary clinton and lenny is a former strategist. let me get your thoughts on this. we've got this back and forth going on here. what's going on in the party? >> i think what's going on around the country is that it's august. a better question might be what's going on in the democratic party with pelosi calling protesters un-american. look, it's silly on all sides, but i will say this, six months ago it would be okay to ask whether or not the republican party has a lot of ground to cover. but the truth is the republicans are beating generics -- democrats in the generic ballot. the president is having a hard time rallies the left -- >> but bringing up the democrats, i don't think we have a recent quote of a democrat telling another to shut up. michelle, a conservative, was asked. she c
want the republican party to follow of these two groups? >> i want them to follow the ann coulter, michelle malkin, laura ingraham. i think that is a brilliant strategy for the long term. i mean, that is a recipe for electoral success. keep following it, please, please. democrats, please follow it. >> this has been brought to you by chris kofinis, democratic strategist. thanks, chris. >>> that's "countdown" for this the 2,294th day since the previous president declared mission accomplished in iraq. i'm keith olbermann. good night and good luck. >>> and now free speech is free, but fake grassroots protest must be organized and paid for, damn it. to connect those dots, ladies and gentlemen, here's is rachel maddow. good evening, rachel. >> good evening. i would take advice from chris kofinis on anything. don't know why the republicans wouldn't. >> well, because it would probably might make some sense. okay. never mind. back to work. >> thank you at home for tuning in tonight for the next hour. over the course of this hour, we will be talking about more investigations into the well-p
and even bring a campus speaker to your campus. past speakers include anne coulter, newt gingrich, ben stein and many others. please, join us in our fight for freedom today. give us a call. our next speaker is dr. burt folsom. [cheers and applause] dr. folsom first realized he wanted to be a teacher when he was in the eighth grade, and i think his mom would be proud because he's blossomed into an awesome conservative academic. he's a professor of history at hillsdale college and works every day to help insure liberals fail in their quest to rewrite history. he's spent years teaching young people history the left would love to have forgotten. his latest book is entitled new deal or raw deal, and he's here to talk to you about just that today. this book exposes how fdr didn't get us ott of the -- out of the big depression, but it made it worse. he educates young minds so that the negative consequences of history are not ever repeated. please help me welcome dr. burt folsom. [cheers and applause] >> thank you, brad, and thanks to ron robinson and the young americas foundation and the good
briefing with robert gibbs. tonight, we will have remarks from anne coulter at the national conservative conference at george washington university. you can see those comments live tonight at 8:15 p.m. eastern. tomorrow, at the swearing in ceremony for sonia sotomayor. she will gather with family and friends at the east conference room for the judicial oath that will be administered by john roberts. you can see that live tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern and it will be at c-span.org. we want to let you know the associated press reported now that a flo that senator announced he is resigning. he is holding a news conference right now. -- reporting that a florida senator announced he is resigning. >> this weekend, panels from the key west literary seminar and annapolis book festival. go to booktv.org for the full schedule. >> frank reflects on 15 years of political columns for the "new york times." this will include the whitewater hearings and his column falling 9/11. >> how is c-span fund it? >> donations. >> federal funds. >> private contributions. >> honestly, i don't know. >> advertisement
republicans when, in fact, you even have people like ann coulter and i think limbaugh and the whipping boys and girls of the american right who have already called this nonsensical. >> no, that's absolutely right, and you know, bully for ann coulter and rush limbaugh. i bet you never thought you'd hear me say that. both polls out there indicate, and this is the only serious point in this whole story that there are some sizeable chunk of the republican party that seems to buy the idea. maybe not the full tin foil conspiracy but the idea that obama really wasn't born in the u.s., he's really a muslim. and that's weird to me. >> i've heard that these are southerners who are racist. of course the only thing i would say is that at one point, not so many years ago one-third of americans believed that the united states was involved in blowing up buildings on 9/11, and i would guess that those were probably left-wingers that lived in urban areas. again, sadly this happens on both sides. jon meacham? >> gene, i was just wondering, if you think about it, the last three presidents have all faced quest
. it is michelle easton with the clare booth luce policy institute talking to ann coulter about her new book "guilty: liberal "victims" and their assault on america". and one of your chapters you read about how during this past presidential primary season the media and tags machine turn it on their beloved bill clinton and said that journalists acted as if clinton change rather than they were finally telling the truth. what happened? >> guest: that is the chapter on a nonexistent republican attack machine, the imaginary phenomenons as scarce liberals more than any other than global warming. and that is i didn't intend for this point to be as much about the many and politics as it was, i wanted to be more on the victim culture and how victims are attacking. but as i was writing the book tour in the 30 years' war democratic primary every time i walk through a room with the tv on i hear some democrats fretting what are the democrats find to do and that the republican attack machine in wait until the machine gets a hold of this and you sit there like a dog listening to a high-pitched noise. i wi
for yourself. do what ann coulter does. when they call them names, laugh. just laugh. that is exactly what ann coulter does. [applause] >> they have no idea what to do with that. when you start laughing, they are completely at a loss. it is laughable what they are doing. and then just tell them it's the oldest trick in the book and it will not work for me. it is one thing for me to be up here today telling you to laugh in the face of liberals, and in your classes and to laugh in the face of your professors. i know it is another thing entirely to be able to actually do it, to laugh at those who call you names. it is tough to dig deep, to believe in something bigger than yourself, to find the courage to do it. and in particular topic in those classrooms when you have that authority figure standing up there proclaiming his opinion to be back and really daring anybody to challenge him, or when you're the only one in a lecture hall filled with hundreds of other students who are nodding their heads and everything else the professor says it but it is incredibly important that we are able to do that.
some liberal professor goes off in class as to why he hates conservative ideas or doesn't like ann coulter or whoever it may be, those students will think twice before they blindly accept what the professors are pushing so i just want to conclude that following this program regardless of what you do, just make a point to be active because when you look back and your time as the college, on your college campus, it will be your time as the conservative activists that he will chairs and remember and again now is the time to be active. it is not when you graduate because when you graduate college, they were going to be confronted with the 3m's, mortgage, marriage and munchkins. all of these things are going to take time away from doing what you like to do. nevermind your hobbies of playing multiplayer. that time is going to disappear but certainly your time to promote conservative ideas is going to be tougher with all of these other obligations and now is the time to promote conservative ideas and really when you think about it is really up to all of you in this room to ensure your cla
ad would pop up saying get ann coulter's next book. they are watching. big brother is watching us -- well, no, it's these huge web sites. >> yeah, amazon can say you should read this book. they know everything about you. >> yeah. >> maureen is helping get computers to people in columbia. >> k12wire.com. computers can make a big difference. >>> we'll be right back with a "morning joe" moment. i'm racing cross country in this small sidecar, but i've still got room for the internet. with my new netbook from at&t. with its built-in 3g network, it's fast and small, so it goes places other laptops can't. i'm bill kurtis, and i've got plenty of room for the internet. and the nation's fastest 3g network. gun it, mick. (announcer) sign up today and get a netbook for $199.99 after mail-in rebate. with built-in access to the nation's fastest 3g network. only from at&t. you weren't always my favorite day. with all the pet hair in the air, i'd spend class preoccupied, bothered by itchy eyes. but now i have new zyrtec® itchy eye drops. it works fast, with just one drop, to relieve my itchy eye
those comments give you any heat? >> guest: sharpton said i was the black ann coulter and don't pay any attention to him, and jackson said, you know, you just don't understand, and you're not old enough, you're not wise enough. i should have spent more time talking to him. all of these things. imagine if bill cosby takes heat, his time and energy to help every civil rights cause and he was cast out. so you can imagine the umbrage people take when i try to speak honestly about race and in the need for addressing issues by the black comment. >> host: one of the more recent books with regard to historical black colleges and universities, "i will find a way or make one." >> guest: that's about the power of historically black college and their history in the united states. talk about the high percentage of doctors and lawyers and engineers, they come out of hbcs, historically black colleges and u universities. you think about spike lee, oprah win "windows of the soul --" black oprah win fry, and those schools graduate more of the glad kids in the country who go to college tom -- than the maj
you can have such speakers as newt gingrich, and ann coulter. dr. lee edwards is a fellow of the conservative thought and heritage foundation, and chairman of the victims of communism memorial foundation. he is the author of 20 books including biographies of ronald reagan, barry goldwater, histories of the heritage foundation and has worked on the translated into chinese, japanese and french he is a fellow of the institute of politics at the john f. kennedy -- of harvard. dr. edwards has appeared on many tv and radio programs and has had many articles in national newspapers. his upcoming book is a biography of william f. buckley. he currently resides in virginia with his wife. >> thank you. good morning, ladies and judgment. it is a beautiful day in washington, and a great day to be alive. especially if you are a young c books made a profound difference in the life of ronald reagan. in mid october of 1965, my wife and i spent a today's traveling with reagan in southern california when he was considering whether to run for governor of that state. at the end of the second da
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